climate neutral

MyClimate - CO2 Neutral

Climate neutral travelling with a campervan! Is that possible?

The honest answer to that must be No. But we are aware of the importance and we are trying to make a small contribution to preserve our Earth, which is not ours.

We provide campers with whom you can make customized trips. Logically, CO² emissions are released, which, however, would like to be offset by compensation levies in various climate protection projects.

myclimate is the right partner for effective climate protection - globally and locally. Together with companies and private individuals, myclimate designs a sustainable future for our planet through consulting and education offers as well as own projects.

The international initiative with Swiss roots is one of the quality leaders of voluntary CO² compensation measures worldwide. With projects of the highest quality, myclimate drives measurable climate protection and sustainable development worldwide. Emissions are reduced by replacing fossil energy sources with renewable energies, implementing local afforestation with small farmers and implementing energy efficient technologies.

myclimate has already worldwide

  • Compensated 6.24 million tons of CO₂ in climate protection projects
  • created 12,800 local jobs
  • installed more than 108,000 Solar Home Systems
  • carried out more than 100 different climate projects
  • planted more than 3.8 million trees
  • treated 570 million liters of drinking water
  • built 25'835 biogas plants in India alone

Through action-oriented and interactive education offers, myclimate also makes an important contribution to our future, reaching thousands of pupils and students every year as well as hundreds of learners and young professionals in the field of sustainability.

Here you can find out more about myclimate and also compensate your current other emissions as wanted.

kg CO₂ wurden bereits durch My Bulli Adventure kompensiert!